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Producing Pure Maple Syrup for over 4 Generations!

-   ABOUT US  -

Welcome to SugarHill SugarBush, a producer of 100% pure Wisconsin maple syrup. Each year in the spring as the days begin to warm the sap of the maple tree flows from the roots of the tree up to the crown of the tree as the tree comes to life from its long winter sleep. This sap which contains sugars gives the tree the food it needs to begin the process of growing leaves, this same sap however has a tasty use as well. Each year we drill a hole into the tree to gather this water like sugary sap. The sap is then taken to the Sugar House where it is cooked down into maple syrup. No matter the method the keys to this procedure remain the same: heat source and steam. Since maple sap is over 96% water it must be cooked to remove this water leaving only the sugars in the sap behind. This cooking process turns these sugars a rich amber color, resulting in what everyone knows syrup to look like. Please do not be fooled, not all syrups are made the same, always look for the “Pure Maple Syrup” label. We are proud to provide you with 100% pure maple syrup, our product has no preservative or additives and is a totally natural product.

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